Video production Plan



Standard Format.


  • High-quality video production
  • Up to 3 minutes edited video.
  • Single location for the shoot.
  • A small production team.
  • Basic concept development and storyboard.
  • Standard video editing.
  • Basic color correction and audio enhancements.


HD Format


  •  Enhanced production quality.
  • Up to 5 minutes. edited video.
  • Multiple locations for the Shoot.
  • A larger production team.
  • Basic visual effects or CGI as needed.
  • Detailed concept development and storyboard.
  • Advanced video editing.
  • Professional color correction, audio mixing, and mastering.




  •  Top-tier production quality.
  • Up to 8 minutes edited video.
  • Multiple locations, including outdoor and indoor shoots.
  • A full-scale production team, including a director.
  • Comprehensive concept development and detailed storyboard.
  • Advanced video editing.
  • Professional color grading, audio mixing, and mastering.
  • Dolby Atmos or surround sound options.
  • High-end visual effects, CGI, or animation, if required.

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